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Turkey’s 10 most beautiful actresses have been announced!


Turkey’s 10 most beautiful actresses have been announced! Nubia Magazine has chosen the most beautiful Turkish actress of 2022. Nubia Magazine’s global survey to select the ‘most beautiful Turkish actress’ of 2022 ended on July 1, 2022. The poll took place with the votes of 48 countries. Here are the 10 most beautiful actresses of Turkey…

10-Beren Saat

9-Oyku Karayel

8-Asli Tandogan

7-Ozge Torer

6-Burcu Biricik

5-Ebru Sahin

4-Ozge Gurel

3-Elcin Sangu

2-Demet Ozdemir

1-Hande Ercel

Turkey’s 10 most beautiful actresses

Hande Ercel was at the top of the list. Hande Ercel Received The ‘Most Beautiful Turkish Actress’ Award! Voting was also done among actors. Kerem Bursin won the most handsome Turkish actor vote; Kerem Bursin Received The ‘Most Handsome Turkish Actor’ Award!

  1. Zoe says

    Hmm, don’t really agree with the lineup. Yes, these women are attractive but this seems to be based mainly on popularity. Most of these women are pretty but certainly not beautiful (but they are well known) – there are far more “beautiful” lesser known actresses in Turkey.

  2. Maria Lizette says

    My top 10 as follows;

    1. Ozge Gurel
    2. Ayça Aysin Turan
    3. Hande Ercel
    4. Sila Turkoglu
    5. Ozge Yagiz
    6. Yagmur Tanrısevsin
    7. Ipek Arkan
    8. Zehra Yilmaz
    9. Cemre Gümeli
    10. Tuba Büyüküstün

  3. Cm says

    Demet? No thank you. There are far more prettier women than her. Cemre Baysal comes to mind. But Hande is the prettiest. I agree with that

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