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“Kiraz Mevsimi” is licensed to Czechia!

Calinos Entertainment announced that they have licensed the Cherry Season series to Czechia. The TV series "Kiraz Mevsimi", starring Ozge Gurel and Serkan Cayoglu, had great success in Turkey as well as abroad and had a fan base. In the

Early final decision for the series “Sipahi”!

Bad news came from the TV series Sipahi, which was screened on Show TV, produced by CNP Film. The series, starring Kaan Yildirim, Ozge Gurel and Kerem Alışık, will bid farewell to the screen with the 8th episode. Sipahi, whose script

The poster of the Sipahi Series has been published!

The highly anticipated poster of the year's ambitious production of the year, "Sipahi", which will be screened on Show TV, produced by CNP Film, produced by Mehmet Canpolat and Sadi Canpolat and starring Kaan Yıldırım, Özge Gürel and Kerem

What are Ozge Gurel’s future dreams?

Ozge Gurel, who will return to the screen with the TV series Sipahi very soon, was in front of the camera for Vogue Turkey. “This year has been very productive for me. I have come a long way in learning to listen to my inner voice first