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Masumlar Apartmani (The Innocents) 62th Episode Photos and Summary


Masumlar Apartmani (The Innocents) 62th episode photos and summary have been published. Masumlar Apartmani (The Innocents), published in Spain as “inocente”, will be aired this week with its new episode.

Masumlar Apartmani (The Innocents) 62th Episode Photos

Although Safiye initially resists accepting the doctor, Manolya lady manages to overcome this resistance. Gülben gives the news of the baby to her sister, but she is not ready to tell the others yet.

Naci learns that Safiye has started seeing the doctor, and she hopefully sends Safiye a special gift. However, she is unaware that this gift will bleed Safiye’s wound.

Although Han does not believe that Ceylan is someone in his life, he follows her step by step to learn the truth. They will not like what they see.

Things start to spiral out of control as the darkness inside Han slowly takes over.

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