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The first frame from Akin Akinozu’s new series Yaban Cicekleri has been released


Akin Akinozu’s new series Yaban Cicekleri went on the set the other day. Akın Akınözü and Aslihan Malbora share the leading roles in the series, produced by O3 Media and directed by Zeynep Günay.

The shooting of ATV’s new romantic drama, Yaban Cicekleri, starring Akin Akinozu and Aslihan Malbora and directed by Zeynep Günay, has started.

The subject of the series Yaban Cicekleri, which started in Istanbul and will continue in Ayvalık, is as follows:

The story of Kılıç and Ela started when they were just two little children. Love was a long road to walk for them. But back, to the very back… Some stories are left unfinished, not because they have nothing left to say; It was incomplete because its missing lines and missing photographs were waiting to be completed. Now, will these innocent hearts be able to rewrite this life-filled love story with the same excitement?

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