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Relationship statement from Hande Ercel!


Relationship statement from Hande Ercel! The expected statement from the popular lead actor of the TV series Sen Cal Kapimi has come.

Hande Ercel, who made news about her after she broke up with Kerem Bursin, her lead partner in the series she took part in, clarified the situation.

Relationship statement from Hande Ercel!

According to the allegations that have spread in the past days, Hande Ercel set sail for a new love affair with Atasay Kamer, the owner of the jewelry company of which she is the face of the brand. However, it soon became clear that the allegations were unfounded.

According to the news in Posta Newspaper; She said to Hande Ercel’s close circle, “I don’t have love with anyone. It is learned that I will listen to my head for a while”.

  1. Janette Zamoras says

    I think there was no confirmation from both sides about separation. professionally they are seoarated but privately they are together and happy…

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