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Destan 15th Episode Photos and Summary


Destan 15th episode photos and summary have been published. Destan, starring Ebru Sahin and Edip Tepeli, will be on the screen with its 15th episode this week.

Destan 15th Episode Photos

When the mountain tribe is also infected with a cecek epidemic, Akkız and Batuga are stuck in the tribe. Batuga does not release Balamir, who wants to invade the Western Sky Kingdom and divide the country in two, but Balamir’s army attacks the Mountain Obs! What will Akkız do to stop Balamir?

Batuga and Akkız, together with Kün Ata, start to look for a cure for the cechek disease that breaks the camp. Will they die? will they stay When it is not clear, Çolpan Han gives the relics of Tılsım Bike to Batuga.

Batuga asks Akkız to carry the Talisman’s war robe and sword. This move brings Akkız and Batuga closer together. But as soon as they get closer, an unexpected person who comes to the camp brings very surprising information about Akkız’s past, which she knows to be true.

Temur, who goes in front of Alpagu Han to explain the truth, is in for a big surprise.

Destan is on the air with its 15th episode on Tuesday, March 15th.

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