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Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin were talked on social media again in October!


Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin made their mark on social media in October, although they did not have any projects.

Kerem Bursin and Hande Ercel took part in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, which was screened lastly on Fox TV.

‘Sen Çal Kapımı’ had attracted attention by being sold to more than 80 countries as well as Turkey. Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, the lead actors of the series, have not been involved in any projects for a while, and they only focus on social media posts and continue to be on the agenda in social media with their posts.

In the research conducted by Adba.tv, it is seen that Hande Erçel was the subject of sharing except 208 thousand 300 retweets in October, while 220,000 social media posts were made about Kerem Bürsin!

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