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Kerem Bursin: “I want to fall in love”

Speaking to Re Touch Mag magazine about his speech at the Pantene Altın Kelebek Awards, which started in English and continued in Turkish, Kerem Bursin said, "What was going through Kerem's mind at that time? 'Okay', that is, okay, I'm

Kerem Bursin in the Spanish media

Kanal D's series "Ya Cok Seversen", which brings together Kerem Bursin and Hafsanur Sancaktutan in the lead roles, continues to cheer up the summer screen. Kerem Bursin, who has a large fan base abroad, was the guest of the September

Kerem Bursin, the favorite of social media

Adba determined the most talked about male actors on social media between 19-25 July. According to the result, Kerem Bursin became the most talked-about male actor. While Can Yaman was in the second place of the list, Mert Ramazan Demir

Description of Kerem Bursin by Melisa Dongel

Melisa Dongel, who was on the screen with the series of Barbaros Hayreddin Sultan's Ferman, answered questions about herself in the YouTube program she attended. Speaking about Kerem Bursin in the program, the actress said, “I had some

Neslihan Yeldan broke new ground in Turkey

Neslihan Yeldan, who has reached a considerable audience in the cosmetics industry with her own brand for two years, carries the 'shower oil' culture, which is frequently used abroad, to Turkey. Yeldan is launching the product, which can