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Bensu Soral; ‘I am very lucky to work with Akin Akinozu.


Bensu Soral, who plays the character of Ceren in the Tuzak TV series, answered the questions of Hakan Gence from Hürriyet newspaper.

Answering the questions of Hakan Gence from the Hürriyet newspaper, Bensu Soral said, “How did you become a duo with Akin Akinozu?” to the question;

“We have a lot of friends in common, I knew she was a good person, I saw that after meeting her. She is very compatible, understanding, I am very lucky to work with her.” gave the answer.

Bensu Soral described the character of Ceren, which she portrayed in the series, with these words; “A girl who grew up without love. She lives in a lie, constantly tries to prove herself in a wealthy family and environment, and thinks that she has to fulfill the duties her father gave her for this. She is also very brave, has the truth. Above all, she is merciful.”

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