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Ebru Sahin and Murat Yildirim became TV series partners!


Here is the unexpected couple of the year. Ebru Sahin and Murat Yildirim will meet in the same series.

TMC Film, which has undertaken unforgettable projects that have gone down in TV series history so far, brings together two star actors, Murat Yıldırım and Ebru Şahin, in the same project for the new season.

While the work for the new season in the TV series industry continues at full speed, TMC Film is preparing a very ambitious and much talked about project. In a surprise series that will be broadcast on NOW in the new season, Ebru Sahin and Murat Yildirim, who have a large fan base in our country and around the world and are very meticulous about choosing projects, will share the leading roles.
In the exciting series, Ebru Sahin will play the characters “Nazlı” and Murat Yildirim will play the characters “Demir”. The story of the series, which has a very surprising and breathtaking story, and the details about the cast have already become a matter of curiosity.

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