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Destan 16th Episode Photos And Summary


Destan 16th episode photos and summary have been published. The 16th episode of the Destan series, which was broadcast on ATV screens on Tuesday evenings, will be broadcast this week.

Destan 16th Episode Photos

When Balamir and Cholpan take the Western Gök Khanate, Alpagu Khan declares war. When the sons of all the clan chiefs killed by Alpagu Khan leave him and join Balamir, there is only one solution left; Asking for support from China in exchange for salt.

Batuga’s prediction that China will invade if the country is divided comes true. Akkız and Batuga split in two to prevent this and they carry out a big operation.

Temur chooses his side and stands next to Batuga. Akkız and Temur allied with the Sabars and attacked all the salt stores of the Gök Khanate. Batuga and Saltuk, on the other hand, want to force their tribesmen, who were broken by the smallpox epidemic and salt shortage, to make peace with the smallpox vaccine and the promise of salt.

The grand plan of Akkız and Batuga does not please Balamir, who plays for the khanate of the new state, and he sets his mind to eliminate Batuga.

Will Batuga, who wants to force Alpagu to meet with the clan lords by taking the salt he will give to China, will be able to save Balamir and tell all the truth to his father Alpagu Khan?

How will Akkız respond to the marriage proposal of Manço, the leader of the Sabars, to find her mother, whom she knows is dead?

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