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Demet Ozdemir ; ‘We got a very good response’


Demet Ozdemir had dinner with her lover Oğuzhan Koc at a place in Etiler. Learning that the reporters were waiting for them at the door after entering the venue, the duo posed by saying, “It’s snowing a lot, let’s talk, don’t get cold.” The couple’s exemplary behavior was appreciated.

Demet Ozdemir expressed her happiness that “Love Tactics”, in which she shared the lead roles with Şükrü Özyıldız, published on a digital platform, reached record views. “How did the reactions come?

“We received very good responses. I got the reactions I got here from the citizens of many countries during my Amsterdam holiday. From the Polish to the Senegalese, from the Italian to the Spanish, there were incredibly good reactions on the street. Many projects have already been published abroad, but I guess we did not expect this much recognition on the streets of Amsterdam, we were very surprised.

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