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Demet Özdemir was the guest of İbrahim Selim


This week’s guest of Zorlu PSM’s popular YouTube program “Tonight with İbrahim Selim” was Demet Özdemir. Demet Özdemir had an impressive night with her sincere and inspiring statements about her childhood and career.

“I didn’t fall!” she said to the program as she carefully descended the stairs. Demet Özdemir, who entered quite cheerfully and quite excitedly , Selim’s question “You were born and raised in a small town” to İbrahim Selim’s question she answered, “Yes, it is, it was a small populated place, but there was a really great neighborhood culture. Climbing a tree because I grew up with the neighborhood culture, There were things in my life like playing outside with friends, returning home at 9:30 because I was there until I was 11-12 and I was able to grow up very freely because it was a place based on trust and friendship tremendously.” . The successful actor, who sincerely told İbrahim Selim about his family life, said, “My father was a person with incredibly strict rules, but no one in the family would put pressure on anyone to say ‘you will be that’.” With her answer, she talked about her childhood and family life in a candid language.

Continuing to ask questions about Özdemir’s childhood, İbrahim Selim said, “When you woke up as a child, you didn’t talk to anyone for a while?” “I used to be like that and I was a terrible person. In fact, if there are people who are like that, we can solve a password right now. As a child, I was incredibly ambitious, purposeful, and impatient. I wanted everything to happen so quickly, but I was 14 when I thought about it. So how fast can it be? Still, this impatience was making me extremely nervous, and when I woke up I was like, ‘Why did I wake up today?’ I was thinking. For example, when I meet someone who is overjoyed, ‘Why are you so happy, what do you find that will be so cheerful in the morning?’ I would ask. When I started doing the job I wanted to do, earned money and started fulfilling my responsibilities to my family, that’s when I turned into the type to say, ‘What’s so funny about this? In short, when you find your purpose in life or the things that will make you happy, you wake up very happy.” She made inspiring statements to İbrahim Selim and the entire studio with her answer.

Demet Özdemir, who continued her explanations about life to İbrahim Selim, said, “I am very realistic and honest in giving advice to my friends. I can hurt people sometimes, but it can have positive results on people in the long run. That’s why I trust my feelings a lot. And it’s usually right.” Referring to her relations with people, Özdemir said, “I prefer the phrase ‘I’m glad to have you’ instead of I love you. I’m very jealous, but I don’t show it. I react immediately, but I quickly realize that this is an inappropriate feeling.” She spoke sincerely in her own words.

You can watch the program on Zorlu PSM YouTube channel. You can watch the program with Demet Özdemir as a guest with English subtitles. If you do not know how to adjust the English subtitle settings, you can take a look at our article.

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