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Yali Capkini (Golden Boy) 5th Episode Photos And Summary


Yali Capkini (Golden Boy) 5th episode photos and summary have been published. The 5th episode of Yali Capkini, which is currently the most watched TV series in Turkey, will be broadcast.

What will happen in the new episode of the Yali Capkini (Golden Boy)? Have the 5th episode photos of the Yali Capkini been published? Yali Capkini (Golden Boy) Episode 5 gallery…

Yali Capkini (Golden Boy) 5th Episode Photos

Ferit, who learns that Yusuf is Seyran’s ex-boyfriend, is upset by this situation. Yusuf insists on talking to Seyran.

When Seyran says she needs to talk to Suna to explain the situation, Ferit keeps the sisters alone.

At the invitation of Gülgün, Kazım and the whole family come to visit the Korhans.

Yali Capkini is on Star Tv with his new episodes on Friday evenings. It is broadcast at 20:00 Turkish time.

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