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Akin Akinozu and Bensu Soral made statements about the Tuzak series!


The leading actors of the Tuzak series, Bensu Soral and Akin Akinozu, made candid statements to the “2. Sayfa” program.

Akin Akinozu and Bensu Soral, the leading actors of the ‘Tuzak’ series, which will be screened with the first episode on TV8 tonight, made statements to the 2. Sayfa program about the series.

Akin Akinozu; ‘I can say it’s the most different job I’ve ever done. I am so excited, too. It’s a new image for me too. He’s a character that I really enjoy playing. It’s like a hopeful character name,’ he said.

Bensu Soral; “Actually, it’s the story of the girl who grew up in a very difficult family. The story of a strong girl who went through a lot of hardships.” used the phrases.

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