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Why Did YEMİN Change The Air Day? Why Was It Taken To The End Of The Week? Will it make the final?


Finally, the expected decision has come for the series Yemin. After it was announced that the reruns of Bir Garip Aşk and Tatlı Bela would be screened, the final decision was expected to be made for the Yemin series, but Channel 7 management decided to take the Yemin series to the weekend because they were afraid of the wrath of the Yemin series fans. If Yemin continues to receive bad ratings over the weekend, the final decision for Yemin will be announced very soon.

Why Did Yemin Change The Day?

Why Did Yemin ChangThe most important factor in changing the days of the Yemin (The Promise) series is the very low ratings of the series. Channel 7 predicts that it will receive higher ratings when it airs the almost costless TV series Bir Garip Aşk and Tatlı Bela between 19:00 and 21:00, when Yemin is broadcast. For this reason, Yemin (The Yemin) series was taken to the weekend.

Why Was the Yemin Taken to the End of the Week?

The vow sequence was not taken permanently to the weekend; In fact, the Channel 7 management will broadcast the stock episodes of the Yemin series at the weekend. If Yemin manages to get good ratings over the weekend, then Yemin will continue to be aired on weekends; If Yemin does not get as many ratings as Indian TV series on the weekend, then the final decision will be made for Yemin series.

Will the Yemin (The Promise) make the final?

The final decision for Yemin  series has not been made yet, very rarely, the actors of the Yemin series continue to appear on the set; However, he does not want a guide in the village that appears. He was not loved with the character of Emir and Feride, as he was loved in the character of Emir and Reyhan in the TV series Yemin. Unfortunately, the audience did not like Emir and Feride; The fact that the Yemin series was not watched in the 3rd season is not only related to the time change.

In The Yemin, the Audience Managed the Nonsense Scenario; Channel 7 Couldn’t Manage

Yemin spectator handled the scenario, which became ridiculous after Reyhan’s death; Although he did not like it, he did not leave the series alone and without an audience, but he could not bear with the low ratings of the Kanal 7 Yemin series and tried to make the series final. Let’s see what happens in the coming weeks; My lord, whatever they are, do good.

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  1. fatima khan says

    well it should not be continued after reyhans death and then emirs death cavidan and cemre should be doomed and series should end emir married 2 times which doesnt make any sense ,promise this show is going to its downfall the great it was in the start the worse it is now .

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