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Which Turkish TV series were the most watched on Netflix in 2023?


Which TV series are on the list of the most watched Turkish TV series on Netflix in 2023? Netflix continues to publish data on viewing numbers.

The platform, which published its report on the first half of 2023 in November 2023, also received a report on the second half yesterday. Netflix ranked the first half’s report according to total viewing hours, and added the number of views in the second half’s report and made the ranking accordingly. The platform’s weekly viewing lists have also been published according to the number of views for a while. Views are calculated by dividing the total viewing hours by the duration.

According to the report published yesterday, the most watched domestic TV series among the productions screened throughout 2023 was Terzi (season 1). The season, which aired on May 2, was watched for a total of 119,200,000 hours by the end of the year. Considering the total viewing hours, Netflix’s 2023 productions include Terzi and Who Were We Running Away From, Mother? and Şahmaran (season 1) followed.

In the list of films, the most watched production on an hourly basis was Sen İnandır, starring Ekin Koç and Ayça Ayşin Turan. The 2023 productions that followed were Merve Kült and Last Call for Istanbul.

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