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When will Sahmaran be released on Netflix?


Netflix has announced the release date of the new Turkish series Sahmaran. Netflix Turkey continues to broadcast new Turkish series.

Netflix, starring Serenay Sarikaya and Burak Deniz, in the staff of Mustafa Uğurlu, Mahir Günşiray, Mert Ramazan Demir, Ebru Özkan, Hakan Karahan, Elif Nur Kirkuk, Mehmet Bilge Aslan, Ekin Gökgöz, Berfu Halisdemir, Nilay Erdönmez, Nil Sude Albayrak, Ayşe Lebriz Berkem, Mert Doğan and Ece Ertez, including successful names, announced the release date of Sahraman with the first teaser presentation of the series. Under the direction of Umur Turagay and with the screenplay of Pınar Bulut, the legendary story blended with passion and mystery is produced by TIMS&B Productions, and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar. With its impressive story and strong staff, Şahmaran is only on Netflix on January 20.

Sahmaran Trailer

After losing his mother, Şahsu goes to Adana to confront his grandfather, but finds himself in the middle of an extraordinary community called Mar. Believing in the legend of Shahmaran, the Mar race thinks that the chosen girl is Şahsu. And with his coming, they await the fulfillment of the historical prophecy. Şahsu, who is unaware of everything, cannot resist the attraction between him and Maran, the guide of the Mar community, and falls in love with him. Şahsu will discover both herself and the power of love on this dangerous road that awaits her.

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