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Akin Akinozu; ‘Umut is the character whose cause I believe the most.’


Akin Akinozu, the leading actor in Tuzak, answered the questions of the Cumhuriyet newspaper.

“Tuzak series is about revenge. Revenge is a very strong emotion. How do you view the concept of revenge?” Akin Akinozu to the question; “Tuzak” is actually about justice. I think in our story, revenge represents an emotional fuel used to find justice. While strong emotions such as revenge can be unhealthy and destructive when they overtake the person, they can be the key to achieving more virtuous goals such as justice by being properly guided by one’s intelligence and will. ” gave the answer.

“Do you think your character Umut is justified in his desire for revenge?” to the question; “Yes, I find his demand for justice justified, and I greatly admire his ability to manage his sense of vengeance on his way. Umut is the character whose cause I believe the most.” said.

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