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What you need to know about the Series Sadakatsiz!


There are 5 things to know about the series Sadakatsiz , we wanted to summarize them briefly. Sadakatsiz series is also broadcast in Spain on the Antena 3 channel under the name Infiel.

1-The subject of adaptation

The name of the series that the series is adapted from is Doctor Foster and it is a BBC production.


The scene in question is not a dream scene. on the contrary, it is the story on which the main story of the series is built. The reason why the promotion and in-section scene were different was probably at the request of the director.


The series has recently caused a record complaint to RTÜK.,

4-Table Scene

The famous table scene was much better edited and shot than in the original of the series.


The series was adapted in India, South Korea and Turkey. It is said that it will be adapted in 3 more countries.

And most importantly… Cansu Dere has become one of the most popular actors of recent times in Europe and the MENA region with her Asya character in Sadakatsiz. She has taken another solid step on his career path. She recently received a grand prize in Spain.

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