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Kardeslerim Will be Airing in Spain soon!


The TV series “Kardeslerim “, which is screened on ATV on Saturday evenings, will be broadcast on Antena 3 in Spain. The series, which is followed with interest in Turkey, is expected to conquer the hearts of Spanish viewers.

The general plot of the series: Kadir, Ömer, Asiye and Emel… These four siblings, who are close to each other, lose both their mothers and fathers after a series of unfortunate events. In the whole world, there is nothing they can do other than holding on to each other, there is no hand they can hold. Until the doors of the college owned by Akif Atakul, who caused the events, and thus their lives, are opened to these children…

This new life, where the paths of the rich and the poor, the criminal and the victim intersect, transforms everyone into a new person, while keeping the Kadir family alive, protecting their siblings and keeping them together. He will do whatever it takes for him.

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