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‘Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek’ forced the summit in Chile!


“Bu Sehir Arkandan Gelecek” (This City Will Come Behind You) , starring Kerem Bürsin and Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, came to the screen with its first episode in Chile.

The series, which came to the screen on Mega Tv, made a big opening with a rating of 9.7 and forced the summit. In addition, Kerem Bürsin, one of the leading actors of the series, became the agenda on social media in Chile.

The series, in which Kerem Bürsin plays the boxer, will be broadcast on the mega channel under the name Puerto Estambul.


The scenario of the series, which draws attention with its impressive subject, is as follows: “In the TV series This City Will Come From Your Back, Kerem Bürsin will play the role of 24-year-old, 5-language, sailor, professional combatant, Chilean citizen ‘Ally Simiht’, that is, the sailor ‘Ali Simiht’. The drama will open with the fight scene of ‘Ali’ on a dry cargo ship in the open sea. Ali earns money and provides additional income by fighting over bets with the support of the ship’s cook, ‘Rauf’, whom he addresses as ‘Mother’ since he has taken care of him since he was a young age.

Ali and the crew of the ship he works for are trying to deliver the cargo they carry for the big holding boss Metin Mirkelamoğlu to the port in Istanbul on the specified day. The ship’s cook, Rauf, is excited to bring Ali, whom he found on a boat in Istanbul and adopted, to Istanbul after 20 years. However, for Ali, the situation is the opposite. Istanbul means a nightmare for him. His mother, Emine, was shot dead several times when she was just 4 years old by Mithat Mirkelamoğlu, who she thought was her father, just as she was preparing to escape by sea.

Ali survived because his mother hid him in the boat before he was killed, but he watched the moment when his mother was brutally killed by his father and could not erase this great trauma from his memory. Only one photograph remained of her mother. She spent 20 years looking after him. Now he is returning to the city where his mother Emine died, namely Istanbul. They plan to never leave the ship for 1 day, during the time they will deliver the cargo to Mirkelamoğlu Holding at the port. Because he is resentful of Istanbul. Maybe he doesn’t even want to step into the city, thinking that they will go to the port where his mother died. Rauf, the cook of the ship, who has been protecting and raising him for years, has different plans for Ali.

Ali’s plan not to leave the ship when they come to Istanbul works exactly the opposite. What he fears will come to pass. It falls right in the heart of Istanbul and in one day there is no event that does not happen to it. He meets the woman of his life, meets his real father, the Olympic champion Şahin Vargı, without even knowing it. In fact, he is right next to Metin Mirkelamoğlu, the man whose mother was the instigator.

Pelin, the daughter of Metin Mirkelamoğlu, who is the owner of the cargo on the ship, ignites the wick of events. Pelin Mirkelamoğlu is getting ready to marry her father’s young and charismatic partner, Yiğit Bursalı, in a week. Wedding dress, organization, guests, everything is ready. However, Pelin, who is a very good dancer even though she studies business administration at the request of her family, does not want to get married at the age of 23 and is preparing to participate in an important dance competition in spite of her father. Until she finds out that she took her name out of that competition using her father’s influence…

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