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Turkish series “Kuvvetli Bir Alkis” on Netflix on February 29


Netflix shared a new video from Berkun Oya’s Kuvvetli Bir Alkis. Krek Film is the producer of the mini series, starring Aslıhan Gürbüz, Fatih Artman and Cihat Süvarioğlu.

Berkun Oya’s eagerly awaited new mini series tells the formation of a nuclear family and their journey spanning decades, and their conflicts with each other and the society surrounding them, creating a unique universe of its own.

The couple Zeynep (Aslıhan Gürbüz) and Mehmet (Fatih Artman), who seem to have reached a happy ending by completing all the requirements of the conventional nuclear family definition, are joined by their child Metin (Cihat Süvarioğlu), who has a strong longing for the times when there were vitamins in oranges and questions the nature of existence. forms the basis of this extraordinary story. This depiction, woven with striking realism and supported by extraordinary humor, is preparing to impress the audience once again with its original narrative.

Kuvvetli Bir Alkis will be on Netflix at the same time all over the world on February 29th.

Kuvvetli Bir Alkis Trailer

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