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Turkish drama movie with the highest IMDB rating of all times


With this content we provide to you our list of Best Drama Movies with the Highest IMDB ratings. If you love a heartbreakingly drama , with family and friendship affair and of course love than you are welcome to read our post.

Turkish drama movie with the highest IMDB rating

Canım Kardeşim (1973) – IMDb: 8.7

The story of the movie is about the struggle of his brother Murat and Murat’s close friend Halit, who are trying to make a good time for his younger brother Kahraman, who is about to die despite the days spent in poverty. While little Murat is getting sicker every day before his eyes, Murat and Halit are trying to make Kahraman laugh even when he is in the bad health state. The drama will not be forgotten for a long time by anyone who watches it.

Canım Kardeşim

 Ayla (2017) – IMDb: 8.5

The story is based on a real story about a glorious and heroic Turkish marine that fought in the Koran War. During an operation he finds a little girl and names it Ayla, he helped her survive and became her father and mother. Marine Solider Suleyman, who wants to bring the little girl with him when he returns home at the end of the war, cannot fulfil this wish. However, this bond of love will bring Ayla and Süleyman together after decades. It is a heart breaking drama movie.


Eşkıya (1996) – IMDb: 8.3

Eşkiya tells the story of a man who goes after his friend who put him in jail. 35 years ago, a group of Eşkiya’s were caught and imprisoned in the Judi mountains. Over the years, some died from illness, some as a result of reckoning. Except for one… When he gets out of prison after 35 years, Baran’s first thing is to return to his village. He learns that his best friend was the reason he went to jail years ago. This best friend took his childhood love and went to Istanbul. Baran goes to Istanbul to find him and reunite with his love. The stories that happen to him on the way are phenomenal and breath taking.


Babam ve Oğlum (2005) – IMDb: 8.3

In My Father and My Son, Deniz lost his mother before she was born and was raised in a modest home by his father, who worked as a writer for a newspaper. She doesn’t even know a single relative other than his father. Until his father, Sadık, one day comes with news that will surprise Deniz.Deniz will now live with his father in a small town with his grandfather, whom he has never seen.When they reach the village, Sadık sees his father for the first time, whom he was offended years ago. Unable to understand the reason for Sadik’s return, the family is very happy on the one hand, and uneasy on the other. Over time, as Deniz gets used to this family he has never seen and everything starts to improve, a drama will affect everyone deeply.

Babam ve Oğlum

Müslüm (2018) – IMDb: 7.8

Müslüm brings the life story of the legendary name of arabesque music, Müslüm Gürses, to the screen. The film, which tells the story of the ups and downs of the unforgettable voice artist, focuses on the music of Müslüm Gürses that influenced millions, the people who influenced his life from his childhood until his death, and his wife Muhterem Nur, whom he loves very much at every opportunity.


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    Ayla is the best Turkish drama movie.

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