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Netflix’s New Turkish movie Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz) will be released on March 14!


Netflix shared the first trailer of the new Turkish movie Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz), starring Birkan Sokullu and Esra Bilgiç, accompanied by Fırat Tanış and Ushan Çakır. Everyone has a dark side, so how much of a “guilty” pleasure can one have for the sake of winning in love?

Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz), directed by Recai Karagöz and written by Pelin Karamehmetoğlu; It brings together action, love and intrigue with a tasteful thief. Alin (Esra Bilgiç), a police officer working in Interpol’s Art Crimes Unit, goes after the thief who stole paintings from a museum that is impossible to enter, but when she discovers that the thief is Güney Arat (Birkan Sokullu), a millionaire whom she planned to marry in the past, she has a difficult decision between her duty and her heart. must take it.

Romantic Thief, which invites the audience to a love story within an entertaining intrigue, will be released simultaneously all over the world on March 14, only on Netflix.

About Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz):

Alin is a successful police officer working in Interpol’s Art Crimes Unit. He has been tracking a thief who has been stealing valuable paintings from the world’s highly secure museums for a while. After an intense chase, Alin discovers the next target of this romantic thief. When he takes action to catch her, he is faced with a situation he never expected. This art-loving thief is none other than Güney, the millionaire businessman with whom Alin was once in love and who suddenly disappeared when they were about to get married. Alin now has only one choice: to confront Güney again and catch him red-handed.

Art of Love (Romantik Hirsiz) Trailer with English Subtitles

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