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Turkish horror movies are in the category of the most watched Turkish movies. These Turkish horror movies, especially those with a Cin theme, impress the audience.If you love a good scare you are more than welcome to join in on our list of Horror Movies.

Turkish Horror Movies List


A young woman named Sinem lives with his aunt and uncle in the house he inherited from his family. One day, while driving with Akın, whom she met at the university, they cause the death of a dog. As of that day, fearful moments begin to happen one after another for Sinem. “Azazil” is the first devil who refuses to prostrate.Düğüm , on the other hand, is the first story of the Azazil films, which are planned to be serials.Breaking new ground, the film also brings the scientists’ perspectives on the cases of cin and devils, doctor-teacher dilemmas and associations to the screen.

Azazil : Düğüm


Öznur, a young and beautiful woman, is caught in a heartbreak that no one will approve of. Since childhood, she has been in love with her cousin, Kudret, who is her aunt’s son. Whatever Öznur does, she convinces Kudret to be together. But Kudret, who cannot digest the situation and is married to another woman, wants to end their relationship. Öznur, on the other hand, makes his wife Nisa cast a spell to bind Kudret to herself. As a result of this spell, the woman will be haunted by demons. This malevolent cin takes over Nisa. According to the magic, after 5 Isha prayers, Nisa and her descendants will face death.



In the movie Musallat, the story of the dark shadow that falls on the happy life they lead in the village where Suat and Nurcan, who have given their hearts to each other and are connected with a great love, is told. It is time to crown their love, which everyone follows with envy, with marriage. But when the happy couple takes this decision, they are in great trouble. A strange creature will cause inexplicable events around them and affect the couple’s entire life. Neither their life nor their love is as peaceful as before. Because this cin , which haunts them as if they came from another planet, does not give them comfort.Will they overcome this obstacle ?



It tells about the lives of 4 young girls. Melek, Burcu, Eda and Ayla, who are friends from high school, have not separated from each other despite the passing years. Friends who travel together in life are next to each other in every bittersweet moment. All of them have settled their lives and lead a happy life. Until Havel came into their lives. Havel is a woman who is a shaman. One night, Melek, Burcu, Eda and Ayla meet Havel by chance. The friends’ lives turn into hell after they meet Havel. The girls, whose lives have turned into nightmares with the curse, which is unknown by whom, have to face what happened to them. Will their friendship overcome all dark matter ?

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