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The release date of La pasión turca, starring İlker Kaleli, has been announced!


The release date of “La pasión turca” (Turkish Passion), starring İlker Kaleli and Maggie Civantos, has been announced.

The series, which will be screened as an adaptation of Antonio Gala’s 1993 erotic novel, will soon be broadcast on Antena 3 channel. The shooting of the series, which will be broadcast by ATRESplayer PREMIUM, a digital platform affiliated with Atresmedia, was shot in Istanbul and Madrid.

La pasión turca, which has a cast consisting of Spanish, Turkish and Italian actors, focuses on the relationship of Olivia, a professor in the field of Fine Arts, with the guide-looking merchant Yaman, whom she met during her trip to Turkey with her husband. Olivia, who wakes up from a coma in a hospital in Istanbul after attempting suicide, begins to be questioned about her collaboration with Yaman, who is being investigated for smuggling. In order to escape prison and be protected by the authorities, Olivia must return to Yaman and report his actions to the police. So, will Olivia save herself or Yaman and her love story?

The character of Yaman, played by Kaleli, is seductive and charismatic, in love with his country; He is introduced as an expert on Mesopotamian culture and the owner of an antique shop. Yaman, who is married and has a son, illegally smuggles works of art from countries such as Syria and Iraq with his partner Emir. Yaman, who hides details about his life from Olivia, wants to use her in his own business.

Directed by Iñaki Peñafiel, La pasión turca was produced by Atresmedia TV and Buendía Estudios. The script was written by Irene Rodríguez and Esther Morales. The season of the series consists of 6 episodes, and the episode duration is approximately 50 minutes.

Gala’s novel was also adapted as a movie in 1994. Georges Corraface (Yaman) and Ana Belén (Desideria) starred.

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