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NFTs of the Magnificent Century series will be on sale soon!


The Magnificent Century series, which has reached more than 500 million viewers in more than 140 countries, is preparing to bring NFTs to its fans. Applications for the pre-sale of Magnificent Century NFTs on The Sandbox, one of the Metaverse platforms, started today.

Following the application process that will end on March 8, 2024, the pre-sale of NFTs will take place on March 12. The Sandbox users will be able to use the NFTs they purchase in the metaverse game. NFTs of the series signed by Tim Productions include avatars that represent the identity of the users in the game, as well as items and resources that will enable them to build various structures.

The Sandbox is also known as a building game, just like Minecraft. However, anyone who wants can experience the world of the game and the structures or content created by the players while logging into The Sandbox with a cryptocurrency wallet.

The Sandbox and Magnificent Century collaboration was announced last July and a promotional video was released by Tim Productions.

To register for the pre-sale of the Magnificent Century NFT collection on The Sandbox and purchase NFTs of the series, it is enough to open a MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet account and log in to The Sandbox with this account. Then, it can be sent to the e-mail address nft@tims.tv until March 8, 2024 with the MetaMask wallet address entered in The Sandbox and an application can be made to participate in the pre-sale.

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