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The most followed name is Hande Ercel


Hande Ercel became the most followed name on social media. Details of the Intergenerational Social Impact Index report prepared by Medina Turgul DDB in collaboration with YouGov were shared.

According to the report, Generation Z follows the influencers the most with 68 percent, while the rate of follower of influencers among Gen Y is 63 percent. Both Y and Z follow singers equally (62%). On the other hand, as expected, Xs and Baby Boomers, who are in adulthood in their life stage, mostly follow journalists and business people.

The most prominent names in TV celebrities were Hande Ercel, followed by Burak Ozcivit and the two X women Çağla Şıkel and Burcu Esmersoy. It is seen that the most frequent reasons for the participants to follow TV celebrities are “to get news about the work people do, to learn about innovations” and “to have fun and have a good time”.

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