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Kerem Bursin was the first guest of Cinema Talks

Cinema Talks started within the scope of Beyoğlu Culture Road Festivals, which was organized for the second time between 28 May and 12 June this year by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The first guest of the talks held at Atlas 1948

Disney Plus description from Hande Ercel!

Hande Ercel, who was displayed at the airport after returning from Milan holiday on weekdays, answered Disney Plus and the new project questions asked by magazine reporters, "The job is not clear yet". Disney Plus is preparing to enter

Great interest in Hande Ercel in Milan!

Hande Ercel went to Italy with her older sister, Gamze Ercel, in order to relax. Hande Ercel, who has a fan base abroad thanks to the TV series she starred in, took photos with her foreign fans on the streets of Milan. Her fans shared the