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Kerem Bursin was the first guest of Cinema Talks


Cinema Talks started within the scope of Beyoğlu Culture Road Festivals, which was organized for the second time between 28 May and 12 June this year by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The first guest of the talks held at Atlas 1948 Cinema was the famous actress Kerem Bürsin. In the interview moderated by Ömür Sabuncuoğlu, Kerem Bursin spoke about “Cinema as Actor and Audience”.

“I like action movie”

The famous actor stated that he went to the cinema for the first time in Ankara when he was 7 years old and said, “We were a family watching movies. When I was younger, I loved action movies. I was a big fan of Jean-Claude Van Damme. “I have a great admiration for Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks,” he said.

Explaining that he was very interested in cinema during his secondary school years, Bursin said that he bought a single movie and entered many movies.

Yeşilçam Films Are Not Filled

Kerem Bürsin stated that he also loves old Yeşilçam films and said, “Turkish cinema could not catch the warmth of Yeşilçam. We have traded our cinema a lot. “We are more successful in TV series than in movies,” he said.

I knew I would make my living in this industry

Stating that he believed that he would definitely work in the cinema industry before he started acting, Bursin said, “I said that I would definitely earn my living from the cinema, if not from acting. I started acting in high school. We had a small market in college. When I was a student, I was very interested in TV and cinema. That’s why my last year was spent in a rush,” he said.

We were all No Name

The differences between the famous actor who spent most of his life in America and Turkey; “They are more disciplined and professional. Working conditions there are safer and they think more about the team,” he explained. Bursin also mentioned that the conditions of female actors in our country are more difficult and the performance expected from women is always higher. After all, we were all No Name for a while.”

We Do Good Jobs at Emmys

Kerem Bursin, pointing out that films in which biography stories are told have gained great success lately, said, “We need to get into the magic of cinema a little more. We are always making someone’s life in the cinema. Yes, there are many human stories to be told in our country, but we should focus on other things as well,” he said. Regarding the film awards, the famous actress said, “Even if the Oscar does not come to Turkey, I would love to receive a nomination. We are doing good work at the Emmys,” he said.

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