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Disney Plus description from Hande Ercel!


Hande Ercel, who was displayed at the airport after returning from Milan holiday on weekdays, answered Disney Plus and the new project questions asked by magazine reporters, “The job is not clear yet”.

Disney Plus is preparing to enter the Turkish market soon. Agreements were made with many Turkish actresses and actors. Agreements were made with Turkey’s most loved celebrities. Hande Ercel is one of them.

Disney Plus description from Hande Ercel!

Fans are looking forward to the new project of Hande Ercel, who is loved all over the world with her performance in the TV series Sen Cal Kapimi.

Hande Ercel Left The Love News Unanswered!

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  1. Losada Muñoz Camilo says

    Se parecen al canelo Álvarez, igualito es la pareja del año, ya lo vivieron en Méjico, el el mejor boxeador del mundo y una reportera muy hermosa,y se separaron es la misma historia.

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