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Kerem Bursin; ‘We need to take a step towards recycling on sets’


Kerem Bursin, as the “Yuvam Dünya Elçisi”, attended the panel themed “Bir Gün Artık Bugün” held at noon today.

Answering the questions of the press on the way out, the actor said, “We talked about the climate, we all know that there is a major climate crisis and we need to act fast. While the Paris Agreement aims to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees, now, according to the new data, our probability of exceeding that 1.5 degrees in 5 years has passed 50%, so we have to talk about them, we have to live our lives accordingly. There is an extraordinary consumption in sets, be it plastic consumption or whatever, we need to step up to recycling in sets.” said.

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