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Ozge Yagiz was the guest of “Hakan Gence ile Sıkı Muhabbet”


This week’s guest of Hakan Gence’s ‘Sıkı Muhabbet’ program on the Hürriyet YouTube channel was Ozge Yagiz. The famous actress shared the unknown about her superstitions from her love perspective as well as her career.

Ozge Yagiz said that she dreamed of taking a role with Haluk Bilginer before she started acting, “My dreams have come true. We are currently working on the same project. From the moment I started this profession, I realized that I could not be in another profession.” Emphasizing that totems are important in her life, the young actress said, “I even make a sleep totem. For example, I go to sleep thinking, ‘If I sleep well tonight, tomorrow will definitely be this’,” she continued.

Ozge Yagiz, who defines herself as an energetic, determined but also fragile and emotional person, said, “Intelligence picks me up quickly in bilateral relations. I think love is a great feeling, but it shouldn’t blind you. Understanding and passion speaks to what love means to me. But the passion outweighs it.”

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