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New project “Yunus Cocuk” by Ozge Yagiz!

Ozge Yagiz, who portrayed the character of Büşra in the TV series "Baba" on Show TV, gave a voice to the movie "Yunus Cocuk". According to the news of journalist Birsen Altuntaş; Ozge Yagiz, who voiced the character of "Mia" in the

How self-confident is Ozge Yagiz?

Ozge Yagiz, who played the character of Büsra in the latest series Baba, appeared before the lens for All Magazine. The actress said, "I can say that I have enough self-confidence that it won't bother me. After every goal I set for

Ozge Yagiz’s New Series Project Announced

Detailed information about Ozge Yagiz's new series has arrived. ‘Çekiç ve Gül: Bir Behzat Ç. Hikayesi’ Ozge Yagiz, one of the popular actress of the young generation, is also a guest in the TV series. The series will be broadcast on Blu