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Ozge Yagiz; She described himself as “Emotional, hardworking, natural” in three words.


Ozge Yagiz, who played the character of Büşra in the TV series “Baba”, which was screened on Show TV on Tuesday evenings, was the guest of the April cover of MAG.

Attracting attention with her positive and smiling demeanor, Ozge Yagiz said, “I guess the source of her energy is belief. I believe a lot in every emotion I feel, every thought that occurs in my head. I believe the right things eventually find us. That’s why I spend my energy making sure I do my best, I let everything else flow.” Yagiz defined himself in three words as “Emotional, hardworking, natural”.

For the words of Ozge Yagiz about the character of Büşra in the TV series Baba; Ozge Yagiz; “I Love Büşra With Everything.”

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