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Love Statement from Kerem Bursin! Kerem Bursin Breaks His Silence


Actor Kerem Bursin, who ended his relationship with his colleague Hande Ercel in the past months, rebelled against the rumors that he was sailing for a new love affair. Here is Bursin’s explanation…

The love of Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin, who met on the set of the TV series “Sen Cal Kapimi”, appeared in the Maldives. The couple, whose love affair was documented in 2021, broke up last March.

It was claimed that the couple left at the request of the agencies they were affiliated with so that their business agreements would not be interrupted.

Complete Bullshit

After the breakup, allegations were made about Kerem Bursin that he was sailing for a new love. Bursin reproached him with the post he made on his social media account.

The 35-year-old actor, who denied the allegations, included the following statements in her post: “I don’t usually do this, but this news is complete bullshit. I’m single, and I would appreciate it if you and whoever is reading this don’t spread this nonsense about me and focus on your own life or real news. Thank you. “

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