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“Leylifer” premieres in Colombia in new season


ALIM YAPIM’s new series “Leylifer” will be screened in South America before Turkey in 2023. In this respect, “LEYLIFER” is one of the first Turkish series to meet the audience directly abroad.

The first content of the joint production agreement signed between Turkey’s experienced distribution company INTER MEDYA and Colombian CARACOL company, “Leylifer” by ALIM YAPIM will be screened in Colombia in the new season.

ALIM’s TV series “Leylifer”, written by Nihan Eren and directed by Metin Balekoğlu and Dilek Korkmaz, tells the struggle of a Colombian woman married to a Turkish woman, staying with her 2 children in a culture she never knew after a tragedy in Istanbul. The series was shot in 120 episodes and post-shooting is in the process of being completed.

Kadir Dogulu, Co-Founder of ALIM YAPIM, who said that they did a delicate job to keep the Colombian audience in front of the screen with a story set in Turkey, said, “With Leylifer, we are in front of a foreign audience profile that we do not control for the first time. The ownership of the show by the Colombian audience; while doing this, getting to know Turkey required a delicate balance. I am confident that the series, which I believe will be a beautiful bridge between two cultures, will give us an important experience.”

“Original scenarios, new abilities…”

Stating that Leylifer, in which young and new talents take part, also serves ALIM YAPIM’s goal of creating value for the sector, Kadir Doğulu said, “We see that strong stories and actors do not know country borders and that they find a response in every culture. That’s why we are happy to open up space for new and talented actors, scriptwriters and directors as well as known names in our company’s projects.”

Can Okan, founder and CEO of INTER MEDYA, said, “We are proud to further strengthen our successful cooperation with Caracol over the years. Going one step further for the success of Turkish content in the international market, we signed an exciting co-production agreement with CARACOL. “LEYLIFER”, which bears the signature of ALİM YAPIM as the first content, has become a successful representative of this agreement. The gripping story of “LEYLIFER” will impress Colombian and world audiences. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the realization of this unique project.” He expressed his happiness in his words.

INTER MEDYA announced that it had signed a long-term co-production agreement with TELEMUNDO GLOBAL STUDIOS, which belongs to world giant NBC UNIVERSAL, and realized the first two works of this agreement, “HICRAN” and “MAVIYE SURGUN”.

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