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Hande Ercel is in Cannes!


Hande Ercel attended the 76th International Cannes Film Festival as Magnum Turkey’s guest of honor.

The famous actress designed her own Magnum at Magnum Dipping Bar on La Croissette Magnum Beach, wearing a dress by Hakan Yıldırım that reflects Sunlover, Magnum’s new flavor inspired by the daytime.

Hande Ercel expressed her excitement: “It is a pleasure to be in Cannes as Magnum Turkey’s guest of honor. My excitement, which started from the moment the invitation came, doubled even more when I came here. JVKE’s Golden Hour song, which is listened to by millions, is among my favourites. I feel very lucky to be among those who heard the new version of the song for the first time in the world at the Magnum party.” he said.

Ercel will attend Magnum’s party that will take place in Cannes La Croissette on Monday, May 22.

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