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Kerem Bursin; ‘Our nature means our country’


Lastly, Kerem Bursin, who played a role in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”, reacted to the conditional mining of olive groves in his post on his twitter account.

Bursin; “By beating and poisoning nature for the sake of ‘need’, millions of ‘aesthetic’ surgeries are performed on it, leaving permanent damage and great scars. Our nature is crying, tired of being beaten, and disappearing into its shell. Our nature means our country. #Don’t touch my olive” he said.

He says the rights of women and nature are very close to his heart. He worries about the climate crisis and adds: “Everywhere is on fire. Even the sea is on fire. Factory waste is still scattered around. We’re talking about going to space, let’s go, what are we doing about here now? We have a world like magic. Can’t we use space for another purpose? Let’s throw this garbage there, for example?

For example, a country should not take over the garbage of another country, maybe let’s use space as a remedy, and find a way to hide the garbage there.” Kerem believes that the path to solving these problems begins with activism. “Change starts with society and voting is not enough. Thanks to social media, you can quickly reach millions to talk about important issues, but one of the bad things is the understanding of “I shared, my duty is complete”. You have to be ‘there’, physically standing there. That’s what real activism is about. The real change happened because of people who rose up for a cause.”

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