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Demet Ozdemir in the March Issue of Elle ; ‘I learned a lesson from the characters I played’


Demet Ozdemir in the March Issue of Elle. Demet Özdemir appeared before the lens in the issue of Elle Mart.

The beautiful actress said, “Every character I played was very different from each other in terms of their perspectives on events, so I learned a lot while reading and animating, and I learned lessons for myself. I love the mainstream so much, it wouldn’t be right for me to choose a character in particular, but I know.

Demet Ozdemir in the March Issue of Elle

Demet Özdemir is a woman who never loses her courage to dream and live her own dreams. She wants to inspire all women with this aspect. He touches us with a different emotion in every look and a different color in every role. The season has just turned to spring, but it is as if there is a permanent spring in his soul. It’s like she’s constantly playing a song in her heart and she’s constantly dancing with life. We did the right thing, we surrendered to his high positive energy.

You can get the issue of Elle Mart with Demet Ozdemir on its cover from http://dergiburda.com and order from trendyol, n11 and Hepsiburada.

You can see the shots in the magazine on Demet Ozdemir’s instagram account.

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