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Hande Erçel is experiencing the excitement of her first movie! A new promotion from Mest-i Ask has arrived!


Hande Erçel, who made her name in the international league with her great success in Sen Çal Kapımı series, has been away from the eyes for a long time. Her fans are looking forward to the beautiful star’s new project. However, there is good news. It has been announced that the movie Mest-i Ask, starring Erçel, will be screened in theaters in 2022. Mest-i Ask will be Hande Ercel’s first film.

Hande Erçel, who has been involved in many projects to date, had the biggest explosion of her career with Sen Çal Kapımı. After the series ended, Erçel went to the USA for a while to improve his English to take part in any project. However, the beautiful actress continues her negotiations for her new project.

Fans of Hande Erçel are looking forward to the new project of the beautiful actress. Good news for the waiting fans. It has been announced that the movie Mest-i Ask, starring Hande Erçel, will be released next year. There’s also a new trailer for the movie.

The cast of the movie Mest-i Ask is almost like the giants league. The Iran-Turkey co-production film brings together Hande Erçel, İbrahim Çelikkol, Boran Kuzum and Bensu Soral and stars Fiki Iranian actors Parsa Pirouzfar and Shahab Husseini. While Parsa Piroufzar plays Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, Shahab Husseini, who won the Best Actor award at the Cannes Film Festival, gives life to Mevlana’s dear friend Shams Tabrizi.

The project, which is a joint production of ENG Yapım Medya and Semarya Film, will bring a different perspective to Mevlana’s life. The film is directed by Hassan Fathi, produced by Mehran Borumand.

In the movie Mest-i Ask, Hande Erçel Kimya Hatun, İbrahim Çelikkol İskender, Boran Kuzum Alaeddin, Selma Ergeç Kerra, Bensu Soral Meryem and Burak Tozkoporan portray the characters of Sultan Veled. The story of the movie will be like this:

18-year-old Kimya Hatun was adopted by Mevlana and Kerra Hatun. Chemistry Hatun is a woman who has devoted herself to Mevlana’s teaching and is strong in terms of spirituality. Mevlana wants to bring together the two people he loves most, Kimya Hatun and Şemsi. Kimya Hatun agrees to marry Shams without question. As she gets to know Shams, she realizes the size of her heart and how high her spirituality is. However, Shams died shortly after their marriage.

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