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Elcin Sangu’s unknowns are surprising!


Behlül Aydın from Hürriyet wrote the prominent features of Elcin Sangu, the red beauty of the screen. The unknowns of the beautiful actress are surprising.

  • Beautiful actress Elcin Sangu’s voice is as beautiful as her acting. Graduated from Mersin University Opera Department, Sangu’s desire to be an actor outweighed over time.
  • When her mother didn’t want his to study opera, she secretly took the exams. When she won, one of her biggest supporters was again her mother.
  • Even though she doesn’t plan to be a singer, she wants to vocalize in a song in the future.
  • As a child, he was, in his own words, ugly and constantly disturbing his friends. So much so that he made his friends cry by telling scary stories.
  • She never liked a mustache on a man. She was also against men who wore low-waisted pants.
  • The actor, who had an interest in medicine, had an obsession with reading prospectus. He needed to know the ingredients of the drugs he was taking.
  • The biggest dream of the beautiful actress was to direct a movie that she wrote the script for.
  • Since her mother worked, she learned to cook from primary school.
  • Sangu, who cares about healthy life, dedicates three days a week to pilates.
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