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Elcin Sangu Talked About Kiralik Ask TV Series!

Elcin Sangu, one of the leading actors of the TV series Kiralik Ask, talked about the series. Elçin Sangu and Barış Arduç were the leading actors in the TV series Kiralik Ask. It was among the most watched TV series at the time it was

Elcin Sangu Changed Her Manager!

Elcin Sangu, who was on the screen with the latest Cop Adam TV series, made a radical decision and changed her manager. According to Hürriyet's news, the actress announced to her close circle that she would work with her boyfriend Yunus

Baris Arduc announced his holiday plan

Baris Arduc, viewed by journalists, announced the holiday plan. Baris Arduc was seen in traffic in Levent the previous evening. Stating that Ezgi Mola's wife, Mustafa Aksakallı, left the place in Kuruçeşme, the actor said, "I am going home

“Kiralik Ask” will be remade in Arabic!

Soner Ayar, the founder and general manager of O3 Medya, made evaluations and new statements about the sector as a guest at Breaking News Turkey. It has been announced that they have acquired the rights of the drama Kiralik Ask and will

Elcin Sangu’s unknowns are surprising!

Behlül Aydın from Hürriyet wrote the prominent features of Elcin Sangu, the red beauty of the screen. The unknowns of the beautiful actress are surprising. Beautiful actress Elcin Sangu's voice is as beautiful as her acting. Graduated

Who Convinced Elcin Sangu for Kiralik Ask Series!

Elcin Sangu was the guest of sports commentator Mehmet Demirkol's program on the YouTube channel Socrates Magazine. Elcin Sangu, who made candid statements throughout the program, announced that it was producer Ümmü Burhan who convinced