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Elcin Sangu fascinates with her role as Lucy Harris!


Elcin Sangu fascinates the audience with her role as Lucy Harris in her new musical Jekyll & Hyde. Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic thriller novel, the world-famous ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ musical is brought to the stage with a stunning production and a magnificent cast by Antre Production.

Hayko Cepkin and Elcin Sangu are in the lead roles of ‘Jekyll & Hyde: A Broadway Musical’, whose tickets are sold out fast and is getting ready for its premiere at Zorlu PSM on October 23, 2022. Hayko Cepkin in the musical Dr. Jekyll and Mr. While Hyde gives life to her characters, Elcin Sangu appears before the audience as Lucy Harris. The musical, which also includes master actors such as Fatih Al, Umut Kurt, Nermin Koçak and Cenk Bıyık, will be performed by a giant team of 45 people.

With 9 Oscar nominations and 2 Oscar awards, Leslie Bricusse’s stage adaptation, under the general artistic direction of Malcolm Keith Kay, combines the powerful pop-rock music of Grammy and Tony nominee master composer Frank Wildhorn with ‘Jekyll & Hyde: A Broadway Musical’. The director is Taner Tunçay, the creative producer is Feri Baycu Güler, the music director is Tuluğ Tırpan and the choreography is Seda Özgiş Kaleci.

In search of a cure to help and solve his father’s mental problems, Dr. Jekyll wants to distinguish between “good” and “evil” in human nature and to remove evil from the equation. However, his work is considered “too extraordinary, even insane” by the medical community, and he does not receive the support he needs. Determined to do anything to save his father, Dr. Jekyll thinks he has no choice but to try the formulas he has prepared on himself. However, as a result of the experiments, the “dark personality” in him, that is, Mr. wakes up Hyde.

With multiple personality disorder, Dr. Jekyll loses control at night and Mr. Hyde takes the strings. Meanwhile, bloody murders begin to take place in London. Jekyll’s fiancée Emma Carew and close friend John Utterson are concerned about the doctor’s health and changes in his behavior, while Lucy, a cabaret singer, is both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. He forms a dangerous relationship with Hyde. Having trouble keeping Hyde under control, Dr. Jekyll doesn’t have much time to get rid of this monster he has created…

Details of Elcin Sangu’s new television series have been revealed. Here is the new series of Elcin Sangu and his partner.

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