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Ebru Sahin; ‘I don’t feel uncomfortable with being well-known.’


Ebru Sahin, who plays the character of Akkız in the TV series “Destan” on ATV on Tuesday evenings, answered the questions of İlker Gezici from Sabah newspaper.

Famous actress; Do you make a special effort to protect yourself from the wearer of fame? to the question; “I am doing what I love and want. As a result of this, I do not feel any discomfort because I am known. Because there are many people who welcome me into their homes and hearts. This is very precious to me. In general, I try to look at life on the positive side.” gave the answer.


If it is related to his partner Edip Tepeli; “Behind the scenes and front of the camera, we are in good harmony with the whole team. We had a really nice and natural communication with Edip. I am very happy to work with him and to shoulder a beautiful project. I think that also gets passed on to the audience and we’re getting good feedback from them.” used the phrases.

The beautiful actress also described the Akkız character she portrayed with these words; “Akkız” is a warrior who has turned her revenge into a quest for justice. He is ambitious, headstrong, and follows what he believes in… At the same time, he is compassionate even if he doesn’t want to show it.”

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