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Description of Hande Ercel from Kerem Bursin!


Description of Hande Erçel from Kerem Bürsin. Kerem Bursin answered the question of Hande Ercel. Ege Kokenli married his fiancee Lior Ahituv, with whom he has been together for about five years, in a magnificent wedding at the Swiss Hotel. One of the names who attended the wedding was his friend Kerem Bursin.

While answering the questions of the press members before the wedding, the famous actress said, “Are you meeting with Ms. Hande? Does your friendship continue?” to the question; “Of course our friendship continues,” he replied.

Description of Hande Erçel by Kerem Bürsin … Is there anyone in his life?

Expressing that he continues his life as a ‘single’ (single), the handsome actor said, “There is no relationship. I’m very single, but I’m fine.” Bursin sufficed to say, “Our friendship continues, of course,” about Hande Ercel, who appeared in front of the camera together in the TV series ‘Sen Çal Kapımı’ and their surprise partnership ended quietly.

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