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Demet Ozdemir’s performance in Adim Farah was highly appreciated.


The production of O3 Media, produced by Sanener Ayar’s Adim Farah series, yesterday evening with the first episode Fox TV came to the screen. Starring Demet Ozdemir, Engin Akyürek, Fırat Tanış, Senan Kara, Lale Başar, Oktay Çubuk, Mustafa Avkıran and Ali Sürmeli shared the series, the first episode was the agenda on social media.

Demet ozdemir, who played Farah, who fled from Iran and took refuge in Turkey, received full marks from the audience with his performance. The successful actress who started to prepare for the role of the role of Persian, had received language education in order not to be forced in the scenes he talked about.

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