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Award to Demet Ozdemir from Italy!

Demet Ozdemir will receive an award at the Venice Film Festival held in Italy. The Venice Film Festival, which will be held for the 80th time this year, starts today. Many actors from Turkey will also participate in the Venice Film

“Adim Farah” will air on MBC Persia

Adim Farah is counting the days to air it on MBC Persia. The success of the Adim Farah series broadcast in Turkey continues. The series is watched with interest both in Turkey and abroad. Adim Farah, starring Demet Ozdemir and Engin

Demet Ozdemir is in the Italian press!

Demet Ozdemir, who enjoyed the summer after the season finale of the "Adim Farah" series, was not satisfied with the holiday. The actress recently went to Italy to the The Weeknd concert. Before the concert held at the Snai La Maura

Demet Ozdemir shared her happiness

The news that Demet Ozdemir, who ended her 5-month marriage with Oguzhan Koc on May 8 and became the face of a brand, bought a house from the Greek Islands for 1 million euros after shooting the last commercial, came to the fore.

Feyyaz Duman is in the cast of “Adim Farah”

Feyyaz Duman will be included in the cast of the popular TV series Adim Farah with a surprise role. Produced by O3 Medya, produced by Saner Ayar, directed by Recai Karagöz, co-written by Deniz Dargı, M. Cem Görgeç and S. Cenk Boğatur,

Adim Farah series going abroad!

Calinos Entertainment has undertaken the international distribution of "Adim Farah". It was learned that the series will be introduced under the name "Farah". O3 Media undertakes the production of the series, which is the domestic