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Congratulations to Kerem Bursin in the Spanish magazine Marie Claire!


Kerem Bursin, who visited Spain twice in the past days, was also on the agenda in the Spanish media. He was also praised in an article published in the Spanish magazine Marie Claire.

The following statements were used in the article about Kerem Bursin; “Every time he visits Spain, the interest in the Turkish actor grows. Most recently, he attended the Easter celebrations as a VIP guest of Antonio Banderas. He also enjoyed the city of Malaga.

Kerem Bursin in the Spanish magazine Marie Claire

We do not hide our love for Kerem Bürsin. What is clear is that this handsome actor turns everything he touches into gold. That’s why we follow all the steps he has taken in recent days with great interest. Kerem Bursin also promised to come to Costa Del Sol once again.”

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